About Us

Hello, and Welcome to Bedford Community Church

We provide sound biblical teaching, meaningful worship, and a warm and loving fellowship. Bedford Community Church is a place where you can be yourself. You really can! Come and check us out. We would be thrilled to have you visit with us.

 Our Core Values

• We will provide teaching so that people of all ages can know the life changing claims and promises of Jesus Christ. 
• We will be a community of faith where people matter because they matter to God. 
• We will remain committed to Biblical truth and doctrine while seeking to make the message we proclaim culturally relevant. 
• We will seek to live with truth and authenticity and to provide a safe place where all will be enabled to be authentic with one another. 
• We will be a community committed to unity, to embracing our spiritual gifts and using them in the service of Christ to build up one another. 
• We will be a community which seeks to honor God by having a passion for excellence.

Our Affiliation

Bedford Community Church is affiliated with the Christian and Missionary Alliance.

What We Believe

How do you live your life so authentically that there is no question about what you believe? Some people call it their creed, others call it dogma or position. Basically, doctrine is the bedrock on which you build your beliefs—a body or system of teachings relating to a particular subject.

What The Alliance believes about God, how He relates to us, and how we relate to Him is foundational in its teachings. The Alliance wholeheartedly serves God and the people of His world, based soundly on the Bible. We live and die by these words and believe they bring the only life worth living—one wholly committed to the King Jesus.

Read more at cmalliance.org