“We need an encounter with the God whose splendor is beyond our understanding, worship that shakes us out of our narcissism and consumerism, worship that disciplines us and thereby equips us for the work of the kingdom in witness, in vocation, and in suffering.”

—Marva Dawn 

Worship At BCC

As believers, we are to present our whole body, mind, and spirit to God as our “spiritual act of worship.” Although we often speak of worship as that which we do on Sunday morning while singing, the believer is meant to be characterized by a life of worship.

Sunday mornings however are times when we have the privilege of gathering together with the community of faith to worship, adore, praise, and express our hearts devotion to God.

The singers, choir, instrumentalists, ushers, pastors and other participants in the service do not do the worshipping while others watch! The job of the worship leaders is to facilitate the worship of the congregation; to create a safe place for all to give voice and expression to longings, sorrow, joy, need for cleansing; to affirm our faith together or intercede on behalf of others, and in all to worship and adore God Almighty. The leaders are not the performers with the congregation as the audience. We are all worshippers, with God as the Audience and Infinite Center of our worship.

What Is The Style of Music?

It would be safe to say that God does not have a style that He prefers! He is interested in our honest expression of love for Him. We are then freed to worship within the musical styles with which the congregation is most comfortable and familiar. For us at Bedford, this means using a wealth and variety of musical expression from both recent times and the past.

As the body of Christ, we have many different tastes, interests, abilities, and views. Rather than dividing us, this enriches and deepens us as a body. It helps us grow, offers us the opportunity to serve each other in love, and afford others the opportunity to experience familiarity of style when it is different from our own.

The scripture asks, Are we all hands? Are we all feet? No! But God placed each one in His body just as He wanted them to be. What marvelous words! We at Bedford try to recognize and legitimize those differences as we worship together.